When You’re Capped In Your Business… But Want To Make More.

When you’re capped– on time, on your business bandwidth– but want to make so much more….

This is something that many high performing entrepreneurs have a hard time talking about with anyone. And there are two reasons behind this:

  1. Seeming ungrateful: Many businesses and CEO’s aren’t blessed to have a solid flow of customers and remain at “barely getting by” level. So you feel uncomfortable saying things such as “I have more customers than I can handle” or “I want to make more” because they’ll get salty.

  2. The solutions that you are provided don’t solve the issue in the short-term: Because this isn’t a problem that most businesses go through, and many of the programs / mentorships available don’t focus on the capacity aspect of businesses, the suggestion that they give you to remove that income ceiling (ex. Investing into paid traffic, creating passive income products, hiring more people) do not work fast enough.

But mostly? Almost everyone forget to focus on the core, immediate, issue that happens to businesses that are experiencing the capacity issue.

If a business is “capped”, that means they have to turn away clients.

Even though that really establishes the fact that your business is highly in demand, and there are mechanisms such as deposits and waitlists that you can set up to remedy that… It still also means turning away money.

(I haven’t met any CEO’s that said no to more money– even non profits).

So I wanted to discuss the 3 areas that you should take a look BEFORE going ahead with making any changes. But fair warning, unless your business is already set up with 10+ full time employees with many of them within a strategic operations role, I suggest do NOT delegate this as nobody else in your organization are able to think from a strategic point of view like you can… They’ll miss the mark.

  1. Contribution:
    • When evaluating this area, you want to ask yourself, “what’s going on in my business in terms of the services / product fulfillment? Is it the fastest path to my revenue goal?”. I’ve seen so many service-based CEO’s that claim that they want to scale their businesses to 7-8 figures… Except everything that they were doing was COMPLETELY missing the mark.
    • The types of client projects that they were contributing to, how they were marketing their businesses, where they’re investing their time and money, how they were pricing their services etc… (I’ve seen one brilliant individual that was turning away $100k projects, because they were so booked with $5k projects… ). The time + effort + monetary contributions going in MUST be the most direct path towards the revenue goal. Looking at this aspect solves the income ceiling issues for most of the CEO’s.

  2. Bandwidth:
    • This is something that many done-for-you services agencies have a problem with. But looking at this area involves knowing the number of projects / clients that your firm actively serves at one time, the scopes required, and how much operational resources (time, money, staff etc) are available at your disposal. If what’s supposed to be a 3 month project takes 5 months, that means you need to examine the scope. If projects are getting done in time, your team members are doing their parts, but you find yourself doing most of the work? That means you might need to look at your team members’ roles… And so on.

  3. Demand:
    • This area is about looking at how many clients are actively seeking your services / products, and how many prospects are in the pipeline or on the waitlist compared  to how many clients can be served (which you should have looked at in #2).
    • If there’s a huge discrepancy between how many clients can be served and how many clients are seeking your services… It either means you need to create more room to serve them (create more supply), OR, increase your pricing to reduce the number of people coming (reduce demand). It’s simple economics at play for this area, so don’t overthink it!

Hope this serves you!

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