What should I set up first? Systems? Teams?

For entrepreneurs that are ready to truly scale with the help of right systems, automations and team, the question of “what am I setting up first? Systems? Teams?”  seems like a chicken and a egg dilemma. So I wanted to take this mini post to share my take on this.

This’ll apply mostly for the

My take? You systematize first. Period.

Here’s why.

Delegate what you don’t know” might not always work without a few things:

  • You hired people BEFORE setting up proper systems with the hopes that they’d figure out what you need, create them for you… So that you don’t have to worry about it– to stay in your zone of genius. This makes sense in a theory if it’s around something that just would not be within your zone of genius or you have no idea how it works. However… Here are some of the many things that you might not have accounted for:

    • Delegation plan: What kind of tasks and what portion of the project am I going to be delegating? How would I communicate this to them?

    • Tools for success: Did I give them enough resources and tools to be able to succeed at their job? How much do they know about the tasks and projects that they’ll be working on? How do I keep them in loop? Are they clear on the standards that they have to meet?

    • Commitment: What’s their existing workload like with their own projects but also for the other people’s projects? Is my information and other aspects of my business that I want to keep confidential, safe with them? Are they looking to just build their own business?

It’s much easier to track quality.

  • You (and/ or your right hand person who’ll oversee these matters as your company grows) NEED to know what you need done and what’s required to complete the job so that you don’t get screwed over. With everything systematized in advance, you’ll be able to:

    • Track the completion of any involved tasks
    • Estimate the duration
    • Find rooms for improvement (whether in terms of the number of components involved in task completion, or duration etc)
  • As well, it’ll give you a better bird eye view to help you make better decisions. Whether it’s about briefing your team members, displaying a line of communication, or explaining a big vision to your team member, there’s a minimal guess work involved in terms of relaying of the message.  

However, the biggest reason? You’ve already made a mistake before. You’ve already went with the “hire the team first” approach before– except it didn’t quite work out in a way where you wanted it to be for various reasons (whether you felt more stressed about figuring out how to delegate what you want them to do, baby sitting etc).

By systematizing first, it’ll even pinpoint out where things didn’t work out the first time– and give you ideas on how to do it better. In fact, you might even find the ways to automate certain tasks and find out that you can make your team members do things that make much bigger impact to your revenue generating activities– accompanied by much more concise plan of how you’ll leverage their talents (which helps them to understand what you want them to do, and do a better job as a result).

It’s a win win.