The thirst (for the next level) is real. But how do you get to that oasis? 

(Seriously, NOBODY. Not even the most advanced business mentors or consultants you’ve come across seems to be able to tell you what exactly is stalling your business’s growth… 
Well, that’s why we’re here.)

For almost 5 years, we’ve consulted for almost 300 organizations of various companies, sectors and stages. From ideation to M&A’s and corporate exit… 0 figures to 11 figures… Non profit. For-profit. Government. Charities. Social Enterprises etc. 

Through our proprietary methods such as REFRESH™, HPM™, Revenue Leaks™, CASP™, MIS-CI™ etc, the companies we worked with were able to increase their revenue by up to 1000%, and reduce their team’s workload by up to 60%.

And if you’re one of the 30% of CEO’s that meet every single criteria we look for, we’ll be able to create a lot of magic together.  Many call us “overly picky”. But we have such criteria to ensure that any companies that partner up with us gets the best return on the investment. (We may be great at what we do as evil genius, but we aren’t magicians. Yet.)

Before we say anything else, let’s make sure our values are aligned. 


Creativity and expressing those ideas take the top priority in terms of business direction- rather than following the formulas or the other way around.

Conscious Capitalism

Businesses are about positively impacting the major stakeholders and environment as a whole according to highest integrity and ethical standards.


Our actions match our words. We don't promise or offer to do anything that we can't follow through on to the end.

continuous improvement

We believe in continuing to refine our approach, experiment with new technology and adapting to the most effective operational principles as needed.


We believe in longevity + legacy of business. We opt for the long-term growth oriented approach that'll help you sustain your growth.

Fair Compensation

We believe that all employees / contractors are entitled to fair and competitive wages, contingent on their skills and performance.

Vibing with our values?

Awesome. We’ll DEFINITELY get along 😉 Now let’s make sure both of our expectations are clear. 

– Identifying company’s revenue leaks from various angles (not just books, funnels etc)

– Developing and establishing policies, roadmaps, procedures and strategies for various aspects of operations (ex. streamlining your sales process to hiring policies and more) in a way that fit your company’s vision and culture

– Diagnosing the needs of your company and offering our solutions from A to Z– we go beyond the “what’ and focus on the “how to”.

– Setting and driving the company vision, hiring needs and operations strategy (+ breaking them down into actionable goals and benchmarks)

– Developing team recruiting, on-boarding, management and training strategies to ensure team productivity and to create cohesive culture (a.k.a. build your team)

And more, depending on what your company needs. With our strong in-house team and a solid network of 60+ experts in various industries, there’s a LOT we can do. 

– Project / Online Business Management Firm: We don’t actively manage or directly implement the day-to-day tasks (ex. sending a payment reminder, scheduling social media posts, checking off tasks on project dashboard, keeping eye out on the day-to-day pieces). We can help you build a solid team to do this for you though.

– A replacement CEO: If you want an exit strategy and hire a replacement CEO, we can help you strategize– but we are more of “see the gaps” sorts of people. You’re the visionary, creative one. We’ll be the not-so-evil scientist that spews out the roadmaps to making it happen 🙂

– Making direct, final, decisions: We won’t make decisions on behalf of you. We’re here to give you our insights and take the diagnostic approach, but the final decisions are up to you (and whomever in your organization that’s responsible for it)

– Teaching you something about your craft: We can’t tell you how to best do your job in terms of delivering great results with your services or products. (So please no, “I want to be teaching (X craft) even though I’ve never done it before”) 

  • 5 Years of experience or more in their field / industry

  • 70% or higher success rate for product / services

  • Able to convert AT LEAST 20% of prospects in the sales pipeline

  • Have a proven lead gen + sales + marketing process

  • Aligns with conscious capitalism values and is an equal opportunity employer

  • Are financially in good shape and are willing and able to invest resources (time, money, team hours etc) upfront

  • Business generating at least 250k USD a year (exceptions are made on rare cases)

  • Not a direct competitor of our existing clients

  • Want to build a strong, dedicated, in-house team

  • Everything is legal and done by-the-book (legal compliance is our love language)

Read above and thinking, “this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! and that’s SO me!”? Let’s have a 15 minute chat to see if we have a potential together (we got a LOT of questions about your business!).

Read above and thinking, “this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! and that’s SO me!”? Let’s have a 15 minute chat to see if we have a potential together (we got a LOT of questions about your business!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, our principal consultant at Clairly Designed is Clair Kim, millennial influencer and business consultant. 

Her insights are featured in major media publications such as Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Today Show and alongside entrepreneurs Michael Stelzner, Ryan Levesque, and John Lee Dumas on the The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast (featured as the 35 Outstanding Podcasts by Inc.com).

If you want to do more digging on who she is, click here and you can see many of her links. 

Clair is EXTREMELY hands on with all of our clients’ projects. As a principal consultant, her role is in crafting the strategic roadmap to your vision, to identify any gaps and variable and assembling the perfect-fit project team for our clients (especially for done-for-you clients).

We’re headquartered in Canada, but our team is based all over the world since we operate fully remotely. You can check out the map of our team by clicking here.

YES! We’ve worked with companies from 4 continents.. Thanks to technology ::) 

We can. But our priority is to make sure that reading our sales page + going through our links is worth your time and consideration 🙂 And sales page won’t allow us to customize YOUR milestones, deliverable etc. 

We offer revenue share for companies that have successfully completed series B funding, or have generated 5MM or more in annual revenue in the previous year. Please note that there are set-up fee required as well.

** There’s no exception to this criteria. 

Nope. We can help you build a team to do that though. 

Read above and thinking, “this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! and that’s SO me!”? Let’s have a 15 minute chat to see if we have a potential together (we got a LOT of questions about your business!).