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Official Biography:

Founder’s Biography: 

Clair Kim is a business architect, millennial expert and a social media influencer. She has consulted with over 250+ companies of all stages (from ideation to exit, from no revenue to 10 figures) internationally.

Her insights are featured in major media publications such as Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and alongside entrepreneurs Michael Stelzner, Ryan Levesque, and John Lee Dumas on the The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast (featured as the 35 Outstanding Podcasts by Inc.com).

When Clair is not geeking out on business related things, you can find her living her stage life as a musician, or surfing through YouTube for puppy videos. Learn more at clairlydesigned.com 

Company Biography: 

Clairly Designed is a managerial consulting brand dedicated to helping small businesses ($100k to $5MM)  eliminate their revenue ceiling and structure their business for infinite expansion.

The firm is to pioneer revenue leaks and rapid scaling for small businesses through its proprietary frameworks– REFRESH™, HPM™, Revenue Leaks™, CASP™, MIS-CI™ and so on. These frameworks have been responsible for uncovering multiple 6-7 figures in revenue leaks, while increasing business’s revenue by up to 1000%. 

Led by Clair Kim, business architect who has been featured in the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and YFS Magazine, Clair and her team has consulted for over 250 organizations of different sizes and grew a millennial influencer brand that ranked among the top 5% of online influencers (Klout). 

Clairly Designed boasts an affiliate network of 160+ experts worldwide in almost every business areas imaginable so that clients of Clairly Designed not only has access to the consulting team itself, but also to world-class experts to ensure that their business is equipped with the most advanced business advice at all times. 

Suggested Interview Topics

  • Discovering revenue leaks in businesses: Even though every CEO’s focus on bringing in more cashflow, most CEO’s do not have a clear strategy on how to ensure that there is no unintended revenue loss within the organization. We can share various angles of uncovering (and patching up) any revenue leaks within businesses. 

  • REFRESH™ Method to grow and scale businesses: REFRESH™ method is a proprietary method was developed after years of consulting for companies of various sizes and from different niches. This method can be discussed in more tactical interviews (and walkthroughs can be customized based on the audience’s needs).

  • Multi-passionate entrepreneurship: Most of our clients have built multiple businesses. We’re happy to share not only the practical tactics involved as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, but also on the biggest emotional and cognitive challenges that come up from being a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

  • Automation for small businesses: Most small businesses are SEVERELY under-leveraging automation and artificial intelligence in their operations and to fulfill their strategic objectives. We can provide our insights on how how small businesses can integrate automations and simplify the process– in a way that 10 year olds can understand.

  • Conscious Capitalism: Conscious capitalism is one of the core values here at Clairly Designed. I’m happy to share my insights and ideologies on creating a consciously capitalistic company.

  • Millennial Talent Retention + Acquisition: With millennials becoming the biggest demographic in the workforce, it’s imperative for organizations to know how to adapt. We can share our insights on how to attract + keep millennial talents.