Love Notes

Shoutout to Clair for introducing me to a tool that 7x-ed my quarterly revenue, and made my life easier. Frank Salas [Serial Entrepreneur @]
After the intensive, I feel like I OWE you money!Kim Springer, Vision Coach

You are clearly a God among women. All that info you sent me!Morgan Myers, Copywriter

Thanks to my systems queen, Clair, I woke up with TWO 10-day experience orders, several leads, and a booked KetoCall…again. If you have a business, you need to automate. Period. Mandy Podlesny [Health Coach @]
From one free spirit to another, Clair will keep you in your flow without crying over WordPress.Daniele Driusso [Business Strategist @]

Clair is literally my life line for making things simpler and easier.Susan McVea [Sales Strategist @]

Clair’s the reason I got my first 2 clients and was able to leave my 9 to 5! To be able to be home and make dinner is amazing. Angela Holanda [OBM @]
Clair truly is the best when it comes to processes, automation and technology. The automation system Clair proposed will save me time that I can use to spend more time with my family! Penny Norkett [Empowerment Coach @]

Clair’s client acquisition blueprint helped me to save time, money and energy as I’m now able to more focus on the exact avenues that help me get more clients. Manjiri Nadkarni, Ayruvedic Practioner

Clair is THE ONE AND ONLY person that I’d go to for the backend organization and techie mctechnical stuff. Dayna Burnworth [Writer / Producer @ Based Press]

Clair mapped out something in 40 minutes that I’ve been stuck on for WEEKS! Lakshmia Ferba [Marketing Strategist @]

Clair will save your time with tips and tricks in a matter of MINUTES. My business is THRIVING from her expertise. Josee Robichaud

When you can choose from an ocean of people, Clair stands out, because she really knows her stuff and she’s a great communicator. Natalie Gwin [Realtor]