Absolutely! You can do so by scheduling a time for a chat. The investment is $327 for 40 minutes.
I have my music ventures and I nap a LOT!
I’ve been running my own ventures since 2015.
Nope, always have always been a consultant 🙂 I love to be EXTREMELY hands-on so…
This article, by CoachingBreakthroughs,
break down the difference very well.
But since I’m very big on diagnosis,
and I do a lot of implementation with my clients, I’m a consultant.
(Always have, always will be!)
Depending on the scope of our support, absolutely– I do the work FOR them (and will guide the team through). But even at the self-study level, I’m VERY detailed with the exact action steps to take in which order.
Simply issue-focused for now. But I think that’ll evolve as I work through PMP materials as well as Lean Sigma materials.
I used X-Theme! 🙂
I’d say around 20-25 hours a week 🙂
It’s very reasonable (but it does fluctuate– sometimes I work less
than 10, sometimes it can be 40).
This is exactly the work I do as my consulting service so I can go on for AGES! But it all starts from the front-end workflow, and figuring out the tech pieces….
Myself and my offline division (we all have web design skills) 🙂

(P.S: We’re always happy to take on some additional web design projects, so hit us up at hello@clairlydesigned.com)

Technically we can work with anyone– but under Clairly Designed brand, we aim for online-based service providers.
I don’t have a set agenda I follow.
BUT. Usually, it goes in terms of reconnection — determine desired outcome — coming up with pathways and dividing up the action steps.
Slack messenger for chats / file transfers in between meetings, and a Trello board to keep a track of deliverables.
Yayy!!! Because we have limited spots for private support (and begins at around 2k/month), you’d need to apply and submit an application fee ($25 donation to a charity of your choice). Then we’ll schedule an application interview and see what type of support you’d be a good fit for. You can click here to apply.
We love doing the work from start to finish and we LOVE tech done-for-you projects! Give us a nudge through contact form and let’s figure something out. (Please note that our DFY services start at 1000 PER project).
Lastform + a bit of iframe coding 🙂

If your question is NOT listed above…. Please fill this form out! 🙂