When You’re Capped In Your Business… But Want To Make More.
When you’re capped-- on time, on your business bandwidth-- but want to make so much more.... This is something that[...]
3 Lessons You Can Learn From Volkswagen’s New Brand Launch
On February 26th, 2019, Volkswagen announced that JETTA will become a new Volkswagen brand in China. This is the first[...]
When Having Team Members Adds More To Your To-Do List (Instead of Freeing it Up)
-- In a Facebook group that I frequently hang out in, there was this question. "Every meetings, my to-do list[...]
What should I set up first? Systems? Teams?
-- For entrepreneurs that are ready to truly scale with the help of right systems, automations and team, the question[...]
3 Things Gurus Will Not Tell You: Scaling Your Business
__ They don’t tell you what it REALLY means to have an automated business. If your business is TRULY automated,[...]
How it all began…
Quite frankly, entrepreneurship was NOT a part of original life plan! I just wanted to be a musician– but I[...]
Product VS Service: How Each Businesses Should Run Differently
In this live stream replay, I discuss the difference between running a product-based business and service-based business. Too many times,[...]
3 reasons why your business is STILL #slowAF
You've hired that top coach... top virtual assistant... got that state-of-art software....But then why is the business still slow? Why[...]

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