15+ years of being involved in the music industry, and consulting with over 250+ companies of various sizes taught me many things..

But the biggest lesson?

The self-sufficiency of your business will determine how far your business will grow, scale and last.

Growing up with a dad that ran a successful entertainment company came with many perks.

I’ve been exposed to the glamor (musicians in the label going on tours, fancy studios, national broadcasts, interviews going viral on search engines or being broadcasted, getting to listen to about-to-be-released music before anyone else, being invited to child modelling gigs etc).

I could ask for anything (music lessons, travels, what I want for food, clothes, electronic gadgets, school I want to attend)… And money was never a reason why I couldn’t have something– thanks to the financial freedom that my dad’s business provided for our family.

So even when his label shut down, and my fairytale-like-childhood came to an end, I was set on becoming a musician that performed on some of the biggest stages… But without ever having to starve myself as I “make it”, and without anyone screwing me over due to a lack of education.

I started my own marketing agency for local businesses. I only slept 4 hours a day, and hustled through to build my business while juggling school and my part time job. I thought that it was just a sacrifice that I needed to make, like my dad did when he was building his business. It’s, honestly, all I’ve seen and known.

And when I ran the numbers... It wasn't so hot.

When I did my numbers for the quarter, ​I realized I’ve only made $27 in profit.

I’ve seen way too many cases– being in auditions, seeing the piles of demos piled up– where so many people try for AGES and never experiencing a single win.

And as much as I loved both music and business, So I (rage) quit both entrepreneurship and music.

I got a corporate gig at a billion dollar non profit organization in project management. I continuously shifted my thoughts away from the stage, and the thrills of running my own business.

But I stopped myself every time. I didn’t want to fight a battle that I was meant to lose. 

What nobody expected? The corporate world connected me back to music and entrepreneurship.

It was a happy little accident at its finest.

I got exposed to all sorts of principles and methods from all disciplines of business operations, and all the moving pieces involved in managing multi 6-7 figure projects and budgets.

I saw behind the scenes of how huge organizations, run by themselves. I saw how great teams run, saw what it meant to be a great manager at the operational level.

Along with my coursework in marketing and operations diving REALLY deep into the consumer psychology, how to sell and promote in a way where it brings in money… Data driven decisions… Working with 8 figure budgets in case competitions… 

Along with many opportunities that allowed me to direct and execute marketing strategies for many non-profits under different budgets… My eye for discovering diamond in the rough (which developed from critiquing music, screening through endless profiles of event staff, video gamers, projects)… 

Things were starting to make sense again…. So I crafted my own methodologies, and started to sprinkle them in my client work.

Then things got interesting...

My work got featured in major media publications such as Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Business2Community etc.

Companies that I worked with were using my frameworks to increase their revenue by up to 1000%, and reduce their teams’ workload by up to 60%.

And they would find multi 6-7 figure in revenue leaks that the company could leverage right away.

Our clients were able to achieve results such as:

  • Discovering multi 6-7 figures in revenue leaks, and patching them up in record time to help scale quicker without having to drastically bulk up their team or die of overwhelm

  • Increase average transaction value by up to 93%, and customer retention rate to 70% 

  • Creating a mightier, dream team that just “gets it” with no babysitting required; and achieving highest grossing months despite being away for almost a month

  • Selling out their scaleable offers (group programs, memberships, masterminds etc) in a way that feels most aligned for them (ads, no ads, different launch styles etc); and securing anywhere from 2k to 30k to their bottomline in more passive manner

  • Securing MAJOR publicity opportunities and getting featured in TV shows, major magazines such as the Huffington Post, Influencive, Entrepreneur, Forbes etc

I realized that at the end of the day, what determines a longevity of a business is based on: how a business can run without you being there, being able to consistently serve customers AND…

Knowing where your business’s revenue leaks are happening, what the maximum capacity is… #KnowThySelf

So if you’re reading this, and are tired of experiencing “I want to continue to scale my business, but I feel capped. And I can’t work harder than I already do”… There’s no need to look further.

Let’s stop your business from bleeding out money, turn it into an infinitely scaleable, self-functioning machine that is a league of its own for your audience.

Formal Biography of Clairly Designed

Clairly Designed is a managerial consulting brand dedicated to helping small businesses ($100k to $5MM)  eliminate their revenue ceiling and structure their business for infinite expansion.

The firm is to pioneer revenue leaks and rapid scaling for small businesses through its proprietary frameworks– REFRESH™, HPM™, Revenue Leaks™, CASP™, MIS-CI™ and so on. These frameworks have been responsible for uncovering multiple 6-7 figures in revenue leaks, while increasing business’s revenue by up to 1000%. 

Led by Clair Kim, business architect who has been featured in the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and YFS Magazine, Clair and her team has consulted for over 250 organizations of different sizes and grew a millennial influencer brand that ranked among the top 5% of online influencers (Klout). 

Clairly Designed boasts an affiliate network of 160+ experts worldwide in almost every business areas imaginable so that clients of Clairly Designed not only has access to the consulting team itself, but also to world-class experts to ensure that their business is equipped with the most advanced business advice at all times.