You’d throw your laptop out the window and yell out “F– THIS”… But you know you’ll regret it 2 seconds later.

Those all nighters to get everything done – they were fun a first couple times. Not anymore.

Your papers and drawing board are full of ideas that were never put out, or on “hold”, since thinking of a great idea, and communicating it along with your brilliant strategy behind it are totally different ballgames.

Even with all the access to help you need and resources you have, most of the time, you’re clueless on where to start and how to implement these giant projects.

Isn’t it frustrating? 

Having to reinvent the wheel EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you want to do some really cool stuff?

Putting away those wonderful ideas because you have no idea how to make it happen?

Continuously falling into wormhole of tutorials, all-nighters trying to get things done, instead of delegating, since it’s easier to DIY?

And worst of all… Your bank account’s commas aren’t fully reflective of your brilliance and your effort.

Most entrepreneurs will say, “brush it off, and move on”.

But you aren’t like most of the enterepreneurs. 

You have a huge purpose around your business– so big that you walked away from a “normal” life that most of the world would kill to get a taste of, and you won’t ever stop.

It’s never been just about the money. For you, it’s always about the impact of your work.


Helping to unleash and awaken OTHER people’s gifts to the world.

Your incredible team members being given the best work environment and them telling you, “You’re the best boss that I’ve EVER had.”

Waking up to forwarded tens and hundreds of emails, thanking you for the last training you did since it helped them to experience a HUGE transformation in their lives.

Being able to get your ideas out to more people, because you know it’ll be life changing for so many people.

What you need is someone who gets your big vision, creative mind, and be able to turn these big ideas into an extremely simple (yet, efficient and effective) plans that you can quickly implement…

Without jeopardizing your creativity, or telling you to run your life minute by minute.

And that’s exactly what I am.

Hi! I’m Clair, business automation strategist.

Purpose-driven creatives rely on me to automate their empires, catapult their income and impact the masses — all on autopilot.

In corporate world, I spent more than 3000 hours supporting multi 6-figure and 7 figure projects in corporate world. And as a consultant, I’ve spent the last 4 years working with various companies– some that started off with practically no revenue, to clients of corporations with 9 figure budget.

In the process, I had a pleasure of my work being featured in major US media outlets such as the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and more.

Much like a COO that helps the CEO to execute their brilliant vision through details behind the, I help my clients to finally turn their big ideas into realistic plans. The front-end, back-end, how to operate, and how to automate the technical pieces.

Through my private consulting services and my info-products, I equip these purpose-driven creatives with high-end (yet simple and actionable) automation strategies that allows them to spend less time on their business, get more of their brilliance out there and start reaping even more rewards– often in time and money.

Few Random Facts:

I run a couple of different ventures– Clairly Designed being one of them, and my musician brand being another (you can find me pretty much anywhere on social media as @whalieofficial).

My MBTI comes as a surprise to a lot of people; INFP-A.

My favorite drink of all time is strawberry bubble tea.

If I could master any language in the world right now, it’d be French or Spanish– but very likely French!

I follow EPL and I root for Chelsea FC.