Scaling to 7 figures and beyond has been quite a wake up call. 

Going REALLY big on your marketing... Having to build + restructure your team... Refining your processes and systems... More eyes watching your every move... 

Researching and strategizing of how all the moving pieces are growing with your business  so that your business doesn't break... To-do list staying the same in workload no matter how much you delegate...  

That all stops here. 

If you're ready to . . . 

  • Build a dream team (or multiple departments) that are the next closest things to mind readers, takes tasks off of your to-do list rather than adding them and ​keeps your business moving steadily and faster than ever 

  • Have clear roadmaps in place for various aspects of operations from streamlining your sales process to hiring policies and more-- so that you can step back from day-to-day management for good, and focus on your long-term goals

  • Have your business be the most supportive and self-running machine behind your lifestyle and vision so that you can walk away from business at anytime (whether to recharge, or for emergencies or to do something else).... While knowing that your revenue will stay the same, and there are significantly less responsibilities on your shoulders that'll weigh you down when you return

Here's how we do things at Clairly Designed

Our Guiding Principles / Manifesto

Who We Love Working With / Ideal Client Company Profile

The REFRESH™️ Method 

What Shoes We Don't Fill In Your Business / What We Don't Do 

Our Role In Your Business / What We Do 

Ways that We Can Partner Up


A 6 month incubator for companies that are generating anywhere from 50k to 200k annually, and are ready to start scaling with systems


A 7 month private consulting retainer for 6-7 figure companies looking to scale their business even further (+ prep it for the world domination)

Something else?

Or you might not be sure what option you should go with... Press the button below and let's chat-- maybe we can draft something customized. 

** We work with a limited number of companies at a given time and our investment level reflects that. Depending on the size of the business, customization needs and scope of the work, the investment requirement can range anywhere from $6k to $50k. We do offer profit share option for businesses that are generating more than 300k USD annually. The split may vary.

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