Official Biography:

Clair Kim is a business operations architect for multi 6+ figure agencies and experts that are looking to eliminate their income cap and burnout, so that they can effortlessly scale to 7-8 figures. She has consulted with companies of all stages (from ideation to exit, from no revenue to 10 figure organizations) internationally using her REFRESH method. 

Her insights are featured in major media publications such as Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and alongside entrepreneurs Michael Stelzner, Ryan Levesque, and John Lee Dumas on the The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast (featured as the 35 Outstanding Podcasts by Inc.com). 

When Clair is not geeking out on business related things, you can find her living her stage life as a musician, or surfing through YouTube for puppy videos. Learn more at clairlydesigned.com . 

Hi this is Clair! And I'm happy to share my insights on...

  • REFRESH Method to grow and scale businesses: REFRESH method is a proprietary method I developed after years of consulting for companies of various sizes and from different niches. This method can be discussed in more tactical interviews (and walkthroughs can be customized based on the audience's needs).

  • Multi-passionate entrepreneurship: Most of my clients have built multiple businesses, and I have multiple brands of my own (Clairly Designed, and my music brand). I'm happy to share not only the practical tactics involved as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, but also on the biggest emotional and cognitive challenges that come up from being a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

  • Automation for small businesses: Most small businesses are SEVERELY under-leveraging automation and artificial intelligence in their operations and to fulfill their strategic objectives. I can show how small businesses can integrate automations and simplify the process-- in a way that 10 year olds can understand.

  • Conscious Capitalism: Conscious capitalism is one of the core values here at Clairly Designed. I'm happy to share my insights and ideologies on creating a consciously capitalistic company.

  • Diversity and Inclusion within workplace: My involvement in LGBTQA+ advocacy work, youth education, and roots as a visible minority immigrant formed me with very interesting insights on creating an inclusive + diverse workplace.

  • All things related to strategic management and operations strategies 

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