About Me

Right now, you just want to throw the laptop out of your window and go take some nap. Seriously, those all nighters that you pull to get everything done were really fun for the first 48 hours– but now it’s just overwhelming, burning you out QUICK– every single day. And you don’t even have time for bathroom and for food anymore.

Your papers and drawing board are full of ideas that were never put out there since you had no time to figure out all those tech stuff (#ew). AND, overall, it’s just REALLY frustrating to have those commas on your bank account NOT reflect your effort and your talent

I can fix that.

I’m Clair, business automation strategist. While I’m not doing live performances under a different name (#MusicianProblems), drooling over messenger bots, trying to stop the smoke alarm from beeping because I burnt that steak again…

I’m about showing ambitious service-based entrepreneurs (like you!) how to automate time-consuming back-end tasks so that they can work ON their business, not IN it.

I spent more than 3000 hours supporting multi 6-figure and 7 figure projects in corporate world, and spent 3 years running a consulting firm (where I worked with ranges of companies- some that started off with practically no revenue, to clients of corporations with 9 figure budget).. And in the process, I had a pleasure of my work being featured in major US media outlets such as the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and more.

Much like a COO that helps the CEO to truly execute their brilliant vision by creating high-level strategies to make all these “detail” pieces fit, I help my clients to finally turn their unfinished ideas into reality by helping them to figure out all the “details” and all the tech pieces that automate that process (+ get more PayPal notifications while only putting in half of workhours than they did before).

Through my private consulting services and my info-products, I equip these ambitious creatives with high-end (yet easy-to-understand-and-implement) automation strategies to spend less time on their business, get more of their lucrative-yet-life-changing ideas out there and actually start having the commas in their bank account reflect their talent and efforts.

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If you're ready to have your income reflective of your talent and effort, bring all your ideas into fruition WHILE taking tons of day naps in the process... We'll make a great team.

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Fun Facts

  • My MBTI is INFP-A.
  • I failed my learner’s exam 4 times. (I know. It was just super hard for me!)
  • I have a really big thing for tacos and sushi.
  • I don’t like chocolate or coffee– so that leaves more for you!
  • I go with the musician name “Whalie” (you can find me everywhere with @whalieofficial).

Bio Version

Clair Kim is a business automation strategist for ambitious creatives who lose all their creative mojo due to all the complicated tech and systems behind entrepreneurship.

Through her consulting services, info-products and her live streams, Clair is all about showing you how to automate your back-end tasks so that you can work ON your business, not IN it, so that your income finally aligns with your talent and your efforts.

Her work has been featured on the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, EverCoach as well as YFS Magazine.

When Clair is not showing ambitious creatives how to automate their business, you can find her doing music related work as a musician, and surfing through YouTube for Panda videos.

Learn more about Clair and her consulting services at   Clairly Designed .